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september october 2012

September/October 2012

Table of Contents

The September/October issue features articles on original music composers, producers and studios; the high octane specialty shooters of Florida Film & Tape; advances in LED lighting equipment; and a Spotlight on shooting in three West Coast states.

Specialty Shooters: All Aboard!

specialty shootersWe all know the dangers inherent in stunt work for movies, television and even commercials. And it’s certainly great when you see all the money on the screen, as the saying goes. But how often do we think about the cameramen tasked with filming these great action sequences, or the guys getting those specialty shots that writers and directors dream up? Well, the average moviegoer may not know who these people are, but industry insiders certainly are aware – especially if your specialty shooting company has been in business for more than 30 years, providing Hollywood and America’s leading corporations with marine and aerial cinematography.

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LED Lighting

LED LightingWith their high output, low power consumption and cool operation, user-friendly LED lighting has quickly become popular in many markets. Advances in LED technology are happening rapidly, and LED fixtures are making inroads across all applications, from specific, low-level lighting to illuminating soundstages. 

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Spotlight: West Coast

Markee 2.0 asked the state film offices in Alaska, California and Oregon to express the advantages of shooting in their states, as well as to explain their incentive packages.From the quiet deserts of Southern California to the lush forests and deep canyons of Oregon, and beyond our continental border to the wilderness of Alaska, the West Coast of the United States offers perhaps the most diverse landscapes available to filmmakers anywhere in the world. You don’t have to look very hard to find the locations you need. And to make this task even easier, Markee 2.0 asked the state film offices in Alaska, California and Oregon to express the advantages of shooting in their states, as well as to explain their incentive packages.

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From the Editor: Men in Hats

If you watch a great deal of television, you’ve probably noticed a trend of late: There are a lot of men in hats. And I don’t mean some character trying to look hip by wearing an ill-fitting straw fedora. I am talking about characters who wouldn’t be the same without their hats; the hats are an extension – or perhaps a reflection – of who they are. Such accouterment helps viewers get into the story – and certainly helps the actors get into character. I’m rarely seen without some sort of chapeau, so this is a trend I can get behind.

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Making TV: Crazy Fast Shooting

Necessary Roughness, USA Network’s take on sports psychology, rolls out the couch for the New York Hawks, a team full of head-case football players.

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Making Commercials: Making Digital Connections

Aiming to expand its customer base to individuals and small businesses, app-maker Mobile Roadie has developed a suite of tools that enables anyone to build an app – without knowing anything about computer code.

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Inside View: Cartoon Lagoon Studios

Cartoon Lagoon Studios released its Captain Cornelius Cartoon’s Cartoon Lagoon DVD earlier this fall. Markee 2.0 interviewed partner Pat Giles about this new MST3K-like project and the future of the studio.

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