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september october 2011September/October 2011

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The September/October issue focuses on original music, specialty shootists and the latest in lighting equipment. Also, there is a regional Spotlight on Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington.

Original Music for Spots, TV and Film

One of the many unique instruments Mutato Muzika uses to produce original music for its clients.Whether its capturing the essence of today’s Grand Ole Opry, tapping an extraordinary musical career for the benefit of commercial advertisers, evoking the emotions of 9/11, or painting a picture in sound for a heartfelt new documentary, music houses nationwide are reaching deep to deliver memorable original tracks for projects of all kinds.

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Double-Daring Lensmen

Denali ProductionsDepending on what type of gig a shooter has, he or she could unwittingly find himself or herself in a nerve-wracking or downright scary scenario. If you lens corporate projects, you’re probably fairly safe. But if you’re on an ENG shoot, who knows?

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What’s Hot In Lighting

Litepanels HilioWhat’s hot in lighting today is largely about what’s cool. Energy-efficient LEDs have made major inroads in film and video production, especially as LED fixtures become more versatile. But that’s not to say development of tungsten and daylight luminaires is at a standstill. Cinematographers and lighting designers typically seek a blend of fixtures for the best results, and they have more options than ever to choose from.

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Spotlight: West Coast

Known for its acres of dense forests, Washington also is home to rural farm settings, rugged coastlines, and towns and cities of all size and shape. And letís not forget the modern beauty of Seattleís skyline, which features the landmark Space Needle.  Photo courtesy of Washington FilmworksFrom scorching deserts to snow-capped mountains to lush forests, the West Coast has you covered. Our western-most states can provide virtually any type of landscape – urban or rural – needed for your productions. With few exceptions, there still are tax incentive dollars to be had, so Markee asked the state film offices in Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington to explain their incentive packages and to express the advantages for shooting in their states.

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From the Editor: ‘Top Gun’ 3D?

When Hollywood sees a moneymaking opportunity, the studios are quick to churn out movies and TV programs in order to get their share. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily; the target audience is provided with a great deal of affordable entertainment, and a lot of industry personnel are put to work. However, as is often the case, trends can be taken too far – too many movies shot entirely in front of blue screens, for example – before studios decide to move on to the next big thing.

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Making Commercials: Osiris Attitude

Osiris began making athletic shoes for skateboarders in 1996. Focusing on designs endorsed by pros, the company expanded into other action sports. Today, Osiris wants to go large by expanding into lifestyle apparel. A recently released commercial campaign began the process.

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Making TV: The Long Road To Prohibition

Walpole, N.H.-based Florentine Films worked for more than three years to produce Prohibition, the five-and-one-half hour Ken Burns’ documentary about the 18th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The program aired on PBS in early October.

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Inside View: Backyard/Mighty Film Co.

Backyard opened in Chicago in the early 1990s and signed directors Kevin Smith and Rob Pritts, who are still part of the company today in California. How has commercial production changed over the years they've been in business?

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