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September/October 2010September/October 2010

Table of Contents

This issue covers original music and sound design; innovations for lighting kits; and new media. Also, Spotlight zooms in on production in the Great Lakes states.

Audio: Eye on Sound

AnEFX sound production for NBC's The EventWatching films, television shows and commercials is as much an aural experience as it is a visual one. Original music and sound design work hand in hand with picture to define characters, propel the plot and make advertising memorable. Four of the best in this field talk about the essential role their work plays on screens big and small

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Lighting: Illuminating Choices

Howard Hall used tungsten sealed-beam  movie lights to film the 70mm IMAX 3D feature, Under the Sea 3D.New lighting fixtures continually come on the market offering shooters and lighting designers new creative options and greater efficiencies. But adding these revolutionary or evolutionary new products to their lighting kits doesn't mean discounting the instruments they've come to depend on job after job. A noted tabletop director, a leading advocate of HDSLR video, a distinguished underwater cinematographer and an in-demand lighting designer share the contents of their lighting kits today.

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The New Media E-volution Has Begun

Lens flares and blown-out lighting accent the dance fight in The LXD's Have you noticed that content doesn't change when a new medium comes on the scene? Books, magazines, newspapers, radio and television all present fundamental forms of content: fiction, non-fiction, music, art, games, entertainment, advertising and public relations.

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Spotlight: Great Lakes

The Milwaukee fall skyline looking west from Lake Michigan.Traditional manufacturing and industry have been in decline in the states bordering the Great Lakes, but motion picture and television production are doing their best to help pick up the slack with the assistance of savvy film commissions and tax incentive programs.

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From the Editor: You Say You Want a R(evolution)

Anyone who's been in the film and video business longer than five minutes knows the rapid pace at which things change. Some changes — black-and-white to color TV, analog to digital, Standard Definition to HD — are truly revolutionary. Others, such as moving from early cumbersome, tethered HD cameras to today's compact solid-state models and HD-enabled DSLRs, are more evolutionary in nature.

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Making Commercials: 4G-Whiz

Sprint recently rolled out "Firsts," a commercial for the world's first 4G mobile phone with the help of Venice, California-based Mothership ( and San Francisco agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (

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Making TV: The Sport of Shooting Adventure-Sports Stories

Last May, a veteran team comprised of a DP and 11 camera operators, many with pedigrees from NFL Films, descended on Vail, Colorado to make final preparations for an intense, four-day shoot of the 2010 Teva Mountain Games, an annual adventure-sports competition. Like the athletes, they had to loosen up.

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Inside View: Hummingbird Productions

If you've ever gotten to the end of a :30 commercial and asked yourself, 'Who was that for?' there's a fundamental problem. You should remember what the brand was, and music can assist in branding the spot. In its purest form it can be the N-B-C tones or the Budweiser frogs or a song that represents the advertiser. But sonic branding is not just a jingle — it can be the Aflac duck quacking the company name or the Vonage mnemonic.

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