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November December 2011November/December 2011

Table of Contents

The November/December issue features articles on the latest work from top-notch animation studios and editing houses; the most recent trends in mobile production; and a Spotlight on Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana and South Carolina.

Animation Studios

one of the animated shots produced for Subwayís ìNotebook.îAnimation and VFX are often inextricably linked these days; so many animation studios have become interdisciplinary creative shops where multiple skill sets come into play.

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Moving On Up: Trends in Mobile Production

Camera Coptersí turnkey approach works on all types of projects.After a long, cold winter in the mobile industry – and during today’s various and continuing iffy economic forecasts – many unit owners seem decidedly more upbeat these days.

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Hot Spots: Cutting Commercials

editing commercialsEditors showcase creative cuts that tell moving, evocative and unexpected stories for Hyundai, Lenovo, Advil, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and The Bush Foundation.

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Spotlight: The South

Abandoned Shrimp Boat in Lucy Creek Photo courtesy of Chris Kirk/S.C. FilmThe South is a beautiful and remarkable place. The diversity of its land and its people make for remarkable story telling, the evidence of which can be seen throughout film and television history. Markee reached out to the state film offices in Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana and South Carolina to learn about their incentive packages and to get a sense for what it’s like to shoot in their states.

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From The Editor: Holiday Classics

For many of us, one of the great pleasures of the holiday season is watching our favorite Christmas movies and TV specials. Just like the holidays themselves, these shows and films spark childhood memories of innocent times when our only cares were what would be waiting for us under the tree on Christmas morning, or which of our favorite cousins would be waiting for us at our grandparents’ house when we arrived for the annual holiday meal.

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Making TV: Re-Inventing Hawaii Five-O

In a world of failed remakes, Hawaii Five-O is making it. The remake of the original hit cop show that ran from 1968 through 1980 is moving through its second season. Last February, the show ranked 29th on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the season’s top 50 shows. Top 30. Pretty good.

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Making Commercials: Creating A House Of Cards

In a new Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) commercial, a butterfly lands on top of a house and knocks off a wood shake tile, revealing a collapsing house of cards beneath the façade. Voiceover: “The one thing 99 percent of investors can expect to find in their portfolio is unexpected risk.” A metaphor. Not many commercials use metaphors. Metaphors don’t read fast enough, but this one works, thanks to ideas like the butterfly.

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Inside View: Tippett Studio

Markee talks with Matt Jacobs about Tippett Studio's recent VFX work.

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