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May/June 2011May/June 2011

Table of Contents

This issue features articles about education — both academic and professional, continuing education. Also featured is a look at high resolution production and post-production and a Spotlight on Washington, DC and the surrounding states.

Special Ks: High(er) Resolution Production and Post

F65 CineAlta Digital Motion Picture CameraWith HD formats now firmly entrenched in production and post, many in the industry have begun to migrate to even higher resolutions, using 2K, 3K, 4K and 5K cameras, especially for effects-intensive projects, and following a 2K or 4K pipeline for postproduction.

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Education — High School and College

Hands-On Learning – Educating the Next Generation of Production and Post ProfessionalsFor some high school and college students today, hitting the soundstage or manning an edit session is as much a part of the school day as cracking open a book. Whether it’s a county with the foresight to provide media education in its high schools, a charter school dedicated to a specialized curriculum or colleges that immerse students in real-world production and post, the next generation of film, video and digital professionals is gaining valuable hands-on experience.

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Education — Professional

Back to School – Industry Professionals Hone Their Crafts and Master New OnesThe only constant in this business is change, so savvy production and postproduction professionals seeking to stay current, to sharpen their skills and to learn new ones are taking advantage of an array of classes, workshops and interactive webcasts to gain new insights.

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Spotlight: Stars Come Out, Align in Capital Region

Scenic walkway along Washington’s Georgetown Canal. The District of Columbia and the three states (Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia) that comprise the Capital Region are hosting film and television productions as diverse as the area’s landscapes. With Washington, D.C. pushing for incentives, Maryland boosting its package, Virginia successfully implementing its program and West Virginia serving up some generous incentive numbers, no wonder the region is attracting the likes of Spielberg – twice! – Eastwood, HBO, Showtime and many innovative indie producers.

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From the Editor: Teaching, Learning and Mastering New Technologies

In production and postproduction, where technical knowledge and skills combine with creativity, it’s vital that the next generation of video and filmmakers get hands-on experience with today’s tools – and that working professionals keep up with new equipment and workflows.

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Making Commercials: Breaking In — The Wolf Brothers

Recently, brothers Gary and Michael combined forces and declared themselves co-directors specializing in comedy commercials. They call their Los Angeles-based firm, The Wolf Brothers (

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Making TV: Creating A Sitcom Look — Donald Morgan, ASC - Part 2

Successful television shows find compelling cinematic looks. A pilot introduces the idea for the series and sets the tone. If the program is picked up, the DP refines the look with signature camera moves and distinctive lighting over the course of the first season.

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Inside View: Omnimusic

“There are always new producers coming along and, for newcomers, copyright and legal issues surrounding music are kind of a black hole – they’re very complex. The copyright law creates a bundle of different rights: ‘mechanical rights’ to make copies, ‘synchronization rights,’ which permit synching a copyrighted work with a video, visual images or other audio sounds, and ‘performance rights,’ which allow a TV station or cable channel to broadcast the work. No wonder people getting into production for the first time scratch their heads!

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