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independent film production cloud computing west coast studio soundstagesJuly/August 2013

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It's time again for Markee's peek at the best and brightest of current independent film production. We also take a look at cloud computing and what it means for the film/video industry. Also, four west coast studios and soundstages keep up the Hollywood heritage and push beyond.

Working In The Cloud

cloud computing film video audio productionIn the beginning, there was film. Images captured on light-sensitive material that could be shared among many viewers. Later came magnetic material called “videotape” and it was good for many things. Then a revolution! The computer and digital charged onto the field.

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Studios and Soundstages

west coast studios and soundstagesIn the western United States, studios and soundstages often come with a distinguished Hollywood heritage. In Santa Fe, N.M., Garson Studios was founded by an Academy Award-winning actress. In Hollywood, Fox Studios carries the cachet of one of the legendary major studios. Moving north, the stages of San Rafael, Calif.’s 32TEN Studios once hosted Lucasfilm blockbusters, while the new Reno Tahoe Studios in Nevada seeks to establish its own heritage as production incentives promise to attract film and TV business to the state.

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From the Editor: Robots to the rescue?

Earlier this year, while speaking to students at the University of Southern California, Steven Spielberg foretold of the impending “implosion” of the movie industry as we know it. His reasoning was the failure of many “megabudget” movies to turn a profit.

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Making TV: Playing With Fire: When fire breaks out on Chicago Fire, it's real

Fires – real fires – rank as major characters in Chicago Fire. Director of Photography Lisa Wiegand and Special Effects Coordinator John Milinac carefully plan the fires for the NBC show from prolific hit-maker Dick Wolf.

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Digital Discussions: A Clearly Cloudy Future

At NAB this year, a section of the exhibition space was designated as the Cloud Pavilion.  About 20 companies exhibited – to the extent that anything called a “cloud” can be exhibited – and discussed applications for this digital environment. A cynic might revert to one of the early clichés of computing and refer to some of it as vaporware; a nice pun, that.

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Making Commercials: Lowe’s Flicker-Cut Campaigns

Recent spring and summer television campaigns from home improvement retailer Lowe’s look like stop-motion, or like stop-motion done fast or differently or something. What is that technique?

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Inside View: Rochester/Finger Lakes Film & Video Office

An interview with Nora Brown, Executive Director of the Rochester/Finger Lakes Film & Video Office.

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