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Digital Discussions: Getting on Screens Everywhere

The buzzword is “second screen,” but that doesn’t really tell the tale. Producers are looking at many more than two screens to show their work.


Digital Discussions: Shooting Kids Shooting Golf

W. C. Fields reportedly said, “Never work with animals or children. They’ll upstage you every time.” That wasn’t the situation with a recent documentary by Josh Greenbaum titled, The Short Game.


Digital Discussions: Why Where

Why do you shoot a film or video project in a certain location? Naturally, if the subject is a Las Vegas casino heist, there might be a strong reason to shoot in Las Vegas. But many outdoor-focused films can literally be shot in any state where they have…well, where they have outdoors.


Digital Discussions: A Clearly Cloudy Future

At NAB this year, a section of the exhibition space was designated as the Cloud Pavilion.  About 20 companies exhibited – to the extent that anything called a “cloud” can be exhibited – and discussed applications for this digital environment. A cynic might revert to one of the early clichés of computing and refer to some of it as vaporware; a nice pun, that.